It’s Heating Up!!

The weather is starting to warm and so is the fishing. We have been out on the river daily and we have seen some nice fish brought to the net this month. We are seeing alot of trophy browns that are holding in the back eddys and riffles. You guys probably get tired of me saying it but black stonefly patterns have been producing big time. Pats rubber leg in coffee/blk and the Tungston Stone blk are my two go to patterns. The Delayed Harvest sections of Wilson creek and the North Toe have been on fire. We have seen some stud Rainbows and Brooks caught on these sections. The flies of choice have been Olive Wooly Buggers, Squirmy worms, Pheasant tails and never forget the egg patterns. The things to remember with any of these patterns is GET THEM DOWN. We have plenty of water right now so you will need bead heads and split shot. Good luck guys and if we can help just give us a holler.

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